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  • Same-day preliminary results
  • GC/MS Lab Confirmations Available
  • Schedule Tests Online

  • UA Cups, Dip Cards, and Oral Fluid Swabs
  • 99.9% Accurate results within 5 minutes
  • Auto-Shipments Available

  • We come to you
  • Available for the Greater Phoenix Area
  • Same-day preliminary results
  • Cut back on downtime

  • Schedule tests and store results online
  • Receive results within minutes of test completion
  • Works on desktop or mobile

  • Maintain the element of surprise
  • Adhere to your industry’s screening standards
  • Labratory-confirmed results within 3-5 business days

  • Adhere to D.O.T. Regulations
  • A one-stop-shop for screening
  • Small Annual Fee

Let us help you simplify your employee screening process.