Know before you make a hiring decision.

  • Urinalysis with Instant Preliminary Results and Lab Confirmations: With this option, you’ll utilize our online portal to schedule pre-employment screens for your new hires. They’ll be automatically notified to complete a drug screen. Then you’ll receive preliminary results via email & through our online portal within minutes of test’s completion. If your employee tests positive for a substance, their sample will be sent to a laboratory for GC/MS confirmation.
  • Hair Follicle: Uncover an individual’s lifestyle choices with this option. Hair follicle tests can detect substance use dating back 90 days.
  • Oral Fluid/Saliva: This option is a non-invasive way to reveal short term substance use. Shorter detection windows will detect recent usage.
  • Breathalyzer and/or ETG Urinalysis: We also offer alcohol testing in the form of breathalyzer or ETG urinalysis (Detects alcohol up to 80 hours after consumption).
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7 Reasons to Implement a Drug Testing Program

  1. Provide a safe workplace for employees. Implementing a drug testing program can help reduce accidents and crime involving substance abuse.
  2. Manage healthcare and insurance costs. An enforced drug testing program can aid in avoiding costs associated with drug and alcohol-related injuries and illness, while helping to lower worker’s compensation exposure.
  3. Enhance employee productivity. A drug testing program can reduce unscheduled leave, absences, tardiness, and employee turnover.
  4. Comply with state laws and Federal regulations. Employers are responsible for understanding and adhering to their local and Federal laws. For some safety-sensitive industries, drug testing is a requirement.
  5. Improve company morale. Drug testing can help promote a safer work environment and play a role in fostering a positive culture.
  6. Prevent hiring candidates who use drugs. Pre-employment drug testing helps prevent hiring individuals who use illicit drugs and those who may potentially perform poorly or negatively impact company culture.
  7. Improve company image. Drug testing can help to boost consumer confidence around your product or service quality, safety, and reputation.