• Pre-Employment Services: Contact us today for a quote regarding our pre-employment services. Below are some of our customizable options. Let us help you find out what’s right for your business!
    • Instant Screening with Lab Confirmations: This method allows you to send your employees to our facility for testing. You will receive results via email & through our online portal within minutes of test’s completion! If your employee tests positive for a substance, his/her sample will be sent to a laboratory for confirmation.
    • Breathalyzer and/or ETG Urinalysis: We also offer alcohol testing. Find out if your employee is under the influence with a breathalyzer test or have them tested for recent alcohol consumption with an ETG Urine Test (Detects alcohol up to 80 hours after consumption).
    • Additionally, we offer an entirely online, paperless solution for employer drug testing.

Learn More About Our Paperless Solution!

  • Random Screening Programs:
    • On-Site (Mobile Testing) : We come to you! By selecting this option, we will send a certified CTS collector to your facility. No need to leave the comfort of your workplace! As long as your facility has a restroom, we can cater to you. Call us today for pricing and scheduling inquiries.
    • Off-Site: Send your employees to us. This option allows the flexibility of sending employees to one of our facilities for testing. Take the process entirely out of your hands with this option.

Mobile Drug Testing Services (Arizona Only)

  • D.O.T. Solutions:
    • Does your business adhere to Department of Transportation guidelines? Click the link below to find out how CTS can help you with Random Consortium D.O.T. programs and pre-employment testing.

D.O.T. Consortium Programs