Call Today and Schedule a Mobile Collection with us! 

Is your business located in the Phoenix area and in need drug screening? With our Mobile Screening Services, we come to your facility and conduct random/pre-employment screens in a timely manor. This option saves you downtime and eliminates the need to send your employees to a collection site for testing.

All we need from you is…

  • The total number of employees you need tested & a list of said employees.
  • Access to a bathroom at your facility. This restroom will be used for testing ONLY during our time at your facility.
  • A small area or office near your restroom to conduct the drug screens / complete paperwork (with enough space for a small table or desk + chair)
  • Assistance from one of your employees, helping our collector facilitate the process by letting your employees know to report to the restroom for testing.

That’s right, it’s that simple! This option is right for you if you’re looking to test more than 5 employees without sacrificing productivity.

Contact us for pricing and scheduling inquiries!