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Step 1: Browse our catalog to find out which test you need.

Step 2: Fill out the form below to request a quote.

Step 3: Receive a quote via email or phone.

Step 4: Place your first order with CTS!


Why order from CTS?

  • We take great pride in our customer service. After setting up an account with us, you'll be contacted by one of our awesome account managers. They will happily handle every aspect of your account, as opposed to many e-commerce sites who lack customer service.
  • We offer custom panels where you can choose which drugs you want to test for. Minimum order quantity 1,000 (Manufacturing process takes 2-3 weeks)
  • If you order a certain amount of screens on a regular basis, you can set up an auto-shipment with us and take the ordering process entirely out of your hands.
  • We offer multiple payment options. Pay by check or online portal within 30 days of placing an order. Or choose to keep a card on file for easy payments.

We look forward to working with you.