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Below are some of our popular options:

12-Panel Urinalysis Cup (Comprehensive UA): THC, MET, COC, MOP, BZO, AMP, OXY, MDMA, PCP, MTD, BAR, BUP

12-Panel Urine Dip Card (Collection Beakers Included): AMP-COC-OXY-THC-PCP-MDMA-OPI-BZO-BAR-MTD-mAMP-BUP

10-Panel Oral/Saliva Screen: AMP-BUP, BZO, COC, mAMP, MTD, OXY, OPI, PCP, THC

Single Panel Urine Dip Cards for the following compounds: ETG-K2-K3-BUP-AMP-COC-OXY-THC-OPI-BZO-BAR-MTD-mAMP

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Drug Testing Devices - Cup, Dip Card, Oral Drug Screen

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