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CTS represents one of the largest national Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Certified Testing Laboratories in the country. Consistent, reliable drug tests can be performed anywhere in the United States, with thousands of collection sites available nationwide.

We offer a comprehensive menu of workplace drug and alcohol testing options to cater to the needs of any organization of any size. A convenient "One Call Customer Service Number" assures timely answers to any of your questions.

Whether your program calls for Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, Random or Cause Drug Testing, the importance of this type of employment screening in providing a safe and drug-free work place cannot be over emphasized. We offer both IN-HOUSE and OFF-SITE testing services as well as INSTANT DRUG TESTS to help you maintain a drug free work-place. There are never any service fees, set up fees or monthly fees.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Is Drug Testing Expensive?

For the result achieved, drug testing is very inexpensive. For example, it is estimated we spend $700 on equipment to protect a football player. A drug test only costs somewhere between $25 and $120 and provides health protection. Any School, College, Business, that receives federal education funding is permitted to use federal funds for drug testing. "The Leave No Child Behind Act" (HR 1) specifically authorizes the expenditure of federal education funds for student drug testing.

Are The Tests Accurate And Confidential?

If schools follow basic drug testing procedures students will donate the urine specimen in a private rest room area. There are strict confidentiality procedures that govern the specimen and the releasing of test results. No one wants to unfairly accuse anyone of drug use. The drug testing procedures in place today eliminate the possibility of a false positive. First, there is a screening test that is then confirmed by a more sensitive test. If the confirmation test is positive it is then reviewed by a physician trained in drug testing who then contacts the customer to see if there is a legitimate medical reason for the positive test.

Is This Program Fair To All Students And Business Sectors?

Schools want to be proactive in preventing drug use among students. Drug testing is a proven deterrent to illicit drug use. Kids know they have nothing to worry about if they don't use illegal drugs. It couldn't be a simpler or fairer system.

Doesn't Drug Testing Create an Accusatory Attitude That Will Breed Distrust or Further Alienate Students and Adults?

It's not a trust issue; it's a health and safety issue. As was said when dealing with the Soviet Union during the Cold War - "trust but verify." We are talking about human beings here. We must protect them. Everyone that has drug testing programs reports that the atmosphere becomes more positive. In addition, drug test results are used for counseling purposes and are not turned over to law enforcement.

Will personnel who test positive have their future prospects in the workplace compromised by the test results?

No. Drug test results are kept confidential and federal law prevents them from being released outside. The results do not follow them once he or she leaves. For more information, please see the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Why Test Athletes And Students In Extracurricular Activities? Doesn't This Discourage Students From Participating in Extracurricular Activities And Sports?

The experience of those who implement drug testing shows that they do not stop being athletes or participating in extracurricular activities. In fact, many report these experiences improve because they are drug free.

By testing athletes, private sector and students in extracurricular activities aren't you testing the wrong personnel?

Experience shows even athletes and students involved in extracurricular activities use illegal drugs. Schools that test athletes and students in extracurricular activities experience an overall decline in drug use among all students. Schools that test also have a decline in drug use incidents. Violence and other disruptions decrease and the faculty feels less threatened because students are not using drugs. Students and faculty report better morale. Athletic performance is enhanced by being drug and alcohol free.